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A Roman Catholic, private high school located in Dunmore, Pennsylvania

Individualized Instruction Program


This unique and truly inspiring program was established by the Diocese of Scranton in 1988. The program challenges students with exceptionalities to become the best person they can be and to expose them to a life outside a special education classroom. Students are provided with an individualized curriculum that covers academics, spiritual development, social interactions, physical development, pre-vocational education and functional life skills. This program strives to build a community in which students can develop self-worth and a respect for each other’s uniqueness and God given talents. 

Criteria for Admission

· Applicants must be between the ages of 5 and 21 years old.
· Applicants must possess a 50 to 75 I.Q. (Students who have IQ’s above 75 may be accepted into the Program if the Special Education Committee deems the applicant to be in need of services from the II Program due to a medical or educational situation which requires enrollment in the II Program.)
· Applicants must demonstrate appropriate behaviors which will allow them to be included into regular education classrooms without negatively impacting the educational environment and/or process.
· Applicants must be toilet trained.
· Applicants must be able to feed themselves.
· Applicants must be able to ambulate the stairs.

Students enrolled in the II Program will spend part of the day in the II classroom and part of the day in the regular education classrooms with support from the II staff.

Individualized Instruction Registration Form

Should your child qualify for our II Program, please complete the additional form provided below.

II Registration Form 2019-20 (pdf)