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Friends of the Crusaders


Mission Statement

 The Friends of the Crusaders is an organization comprised of parents, coaches and administration united together and dedicated to raising funds to better serve student athletes of all athletic programs at Holy Cross High School.

The Friends of The Crusaders work together throughout the year to raise money to benefit the athletic program. They work the gates at the football and basketball games, they run the Crusader Clothing Sale and more. The biggest fundraiser is the Night of the Races. People rave about The Friends of Crusaders “Night”. The night includes a buffet dinner with beer and soda, horse races, a Chinese auction, instant bingo and 50/50s. There is opportunity to buy horses and if your horse wins, then you are a winner!


Funds raised through the efforts of the Friends of Crusaders are utilized to subsidize school spirit projects such as special pep rallies, Green and Silver night, student dinner fees and awards including varsity letters and pins for the athletic banquet and special circumstances arising from any particular team advancing into post-season competition. Monies will also be available to the Athletic Department to supplement the regular team budget for items that are not in the budget and will benefit the student body/school as a whole. Examples of such items include a video camera and analyzer for reviewing game tapes, a portable score board for outdoor sporting events, batting cage and carpet, electronic timer finish line for cross country, headsets and tackling dummies for football, poles for pole vault event for track, golf bags for the golf team, uniform shirts for bowling and portable canopy/tent for cross country events.


The Friends of Crusaders meet the first Wednesday of the month at Holy Cross High School. From there, committees are formed and volunteers are assigned jobs. Each sport must have representation at the meetings in order to benefit from the fundraising efforts of the group.

Join our Facebook Page to stay informed with activities and events, come to a meeting, ask a coach if you can be a representative or stop by the clothing table at report card night or anytime you see the Crusader clothing for sale.

Night at the Races - February, 8, 2020

Night at the Races is a fun-filled evening for adults. You purchase an admission ticket for $15 and are treated to a gourmet buffet, and a variety of beverages and snacks throughout the evening. You bring family members and friends and reserve a table or groups of tables. Great celebrations take place! We even had a birthday party at a group of tables last year!

You purchase horses in advance, name them and automatically win $50 if your horse comes in first. Videotapes of 10 horses are run throughout the night and you, along with everyone else, cheer for the horses!!!

You receive a program when you arrive and you may place bets for $2 on any horse you choose from the program… one race at a time. The odds are set and announced for each race and are based on the number of bets made in-house. We have been told that the odds are better than the professional races. You win the cash if the horse you chose comes in first. (This is separate from the $50 you win if your $10 horse comes in first.) We also run trifectas and daily doubles!

A Chinese auction is set up. We have well over 100 different baskets, certificates, and prizes available to win. Door prizes are raffled off by drawing admission tickets during the night. 50-50 chances are sold. The Basket of Cheer tickets are drawn. Check out the enclosed tickets and return them

No one goes home disappointed. You meet new people, share a good time with your friends and if you are lucky you will take home a great prize – cash or otherwise!!!

Please get involved this year:
By buying admission tickets for you and several friends
By buying Basket of Cheer tickets
By buying and naming a horse or two
By selling horses and tickets to your friends (everyone enjoys winning)

We look forward to seeing you in February. Don’t forget to send in your reservations!

Night at the Races Packet 2020 (pdf)



Ms. Krista Liuzzo,

Parent Contact


email: holycrossfoc@gmail.co