Holy Cross Administration, Faculy and Staff Directory


Mr. Benjamin D. Tolerico, Principal
Mrs. Cathy Chiumento, Vice Principal
Mrs. Kandy Taylor, Dean of Students
Mrs. Kathryn Yaklic, Director of Religious Formation
Rev. Cyril Edwards, Chaplain



Mr. Albert Callejas, Athletic Director
Miss Danielle Blair, Athletic Trainer


Sr. Elizabeth Demerchant, IHM, Indiv. Instruction

Mrs. Jennifer Gallagher, Latin
Mrs. Colleen Gatrone, Science
Mrs. Lisa Harris, Spanish
Mrs. Laura Hudak, English
Mrs. Kimberly Kanuik, Social Studies
Mrs. Mary Therese McKane, LTS Math
Mrs. Margaret Loughney, Science
Mrs. Jennifer Leone, Science
Mr. James Manganiello, Social Studies and Theology
Miss Kimberly Mecir, Science
Sr. Denise Montagne, IHM, Spanish
Miss Kay O’Brien, Health and Physical Education
Mrs. Julia Ochieng, Math
Mr. Thomas Paddock, Spanish
Mrs. Lori Pawluck, Math
Miss Jillian Rojek, Music and Science
Miss Jennifer Stonikinis, English
Miss Maryrita Stuckart, Theology
Mrs. Justine Tone, Computers
Mrs. Kristina Toolan, Art
Miss Karen Tucker, Math
Mrs. Janine Wetter, English

Administrative Staff

Mrs. Mary Jo Demarco
Ms. Arielle Goodwin
Mrs. Karen McLain
Mr. Sandy Menichetti, Maintenance
Mrs. Joan Toth, Cafeteria Manager
Mrs. Katie VonBergen

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