College Programs

Diocesan College Scholarship Program

The Diocesan College Scholarship Program is designed for exceptional students enrolled in the Diocesan Catholic school system who are in search of a challenging extension from their high school environment. The goal of the Diocesan College Scholarship Program is to provide Catholic high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to participate in classes held at a local Catholic college/university while simultaneously matriculating at the high school level. This provides an opportunity for the high school student to experience college, for the high school to expand its learning environment and for the Catholic colleges and universities to strengthen their relationship with the Diocese while increasing local student enrollment.

Penn State High School Scholars Program

Each Spring, Penn State Worthington Scranton offers a “High School Scholars” program to our students. Each month this program will highlight a Penn State Worthington Scranton faculty member, who will lead a group discussion introducing their area of expertise or research. Through this program, our students are exposed to typical college classroom experience and the intellectual exchange encouraged by Penn State faculty. Three to five highly motivated Holy Cross students, along with other students from our area who are interested in attending Penn State Worthington are chosen to represent our school in these monthly meetings.