Welcome to the Holy Cross Chapter of the Lackawanna County Alumni Association

Mission Statement

The Holy Cross chapter of the Lackawanna County Catholic School Alumni Association serves to:

  • foster a feeling of unity among alumni, faculty and administration.
  • work with administration to support the Holy Cross Tuition Assistance Program
  • promote a lifelong commitment to the values of peace, justice and service, which are instilled as Holy Cross students.Please take a moment and update your information: Update Alumni InformationIf you have information regarding an upcoming alumni event, please email us at

Alumni T-Shirt Sale

T-Shirt Pre-Order
Proceeds benefit Holy Cross Alumni Association
Cost: $12 ($15 for 2XL)
Black, short sleeve shirt with alumni logo on front with “Ten Signs You Know You Were a Crusader” on the back

Ten Signs You Know You Were a Crusader 
(used with permission from Alana Siock, Class of 2017)

1. Green and silver EVERYTHING.
2. You still celebrate Mole Day.
3. No matter where you go, everyone knows the name “Deleo.”
4. You know the Alma Mater like you graduated yesterday.
5. Only at HC did Macbeth duel with a Nerf sword, and you’re also a proud member of the literati.
6. You know there are four versions of “Happy Birthday” and can sing every single one of them.
7. Our language department is second to “nun.”
8. Christmas decorating is taken seriously.
9. On the 8th day, God created Mrs. D’Angelo.
10. You’d go back in a heartbeat.

Please call Holy Cross HS at 570-346-7541 to purchase your shirt by Visa or MasterCard or return the attached order form with check payable to:

Holy Cross High School
c/o Alumni T-shirt Order
501 E. Drinker Street
Dunmore, Pa 18512

Alumni T-Shirt Order Form

Alumni Spotlight

To nominate someone for an “Alumni Spotlight,” please email alumni@hchspa.orgwith the nominee’s name, contact information, and reason for nomination. Anyone who has graduated from Holy Cross High School is eligible.

Alyssa Noto, Holy Cross Class of 2012 (article link)
Anthony Duchnowski, Holy Cross Class of 2009 (article link)
Taylor Rojek & Allison Carey, Holy Cross Class of 2008 (article link)