Admission to Holy Cross High School

Holy Cross High School is a comprehensive diocesan high school offering courses in all levels of study. Programs include modified college preparatory, college preparatory, and an honors program with Advanced Placement (A.P.) classes.Additionally, Holy Cross offers a range of programs such as the Individual Instruction (II program), Career Technology Center, Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM program.) Incoming freshmen are required to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT) which is used to assist in the proper program placement for the student. This test is given in December to all diocesan 8th grade students. If your student is not attending a diocesan elementary school, or your student did not take the placement test in December, please call the school Guidance Office (570-346-7541) to schedule the test.

Parents requesting a transfer of a student into Holy Cross High School must call the school to schedule an appointment with the Academic Dean (570-346-7541). A transcript from the present school along with a copy of the student’s latest report card will be required.

In many cases, transportation to and from school is available through Diocesan and district busing opportunities.