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    Holy Cross High School is a comprehensive high school. Students are encouraged to select courses based on individual abilities, achievement, and goals within the limits of the specialized graduation requirements. Choice in sequence is based on standardized testing, teacher recommendations, and counseling assistance. Advanced Placement (A.P.) courses are available in English, American History, Calculus, Science, and Art.

    Special care and emphasis should be used in selecting college preparatory courses. If the experience of the student and/or parents is a college education, the student should select a three to four year sequential language program, and four years of academic mathematics, which should include trigonometry. All grades for college bound students should be 80% or above. The SAT should be taken during the junior year. A student who applies to college without these qualifications may meet rejection or a suggestion to change a selected major or to follow a guided studies program. Career Technology courses are offered to sophomores, juniors and seniors at the Lackawanna County Career Technology Center on half-day sessions.

    Guidelines for Schedule Planning

    This curriculum guide is provided to the student and parent as an aid and guide to assist you in selecting courses for the next school year. In selecting your courses, please keep in mind the following procedures and requirements:
    1. A minimum of seven (7) full credit courses, to include Theology, English, Science, Social Studies, and Math, in each of grades 9 through 12 is required.
    2. Study the description of subjects and pay special attention to pre-requisites for certain courses.
    3. Discuss choices with your current teachers. They are an excellent guide to the next level of courses in their departments.
    4. Learn the requirements for entrance to the college or school you plan to attend after graduation or for entrance to the kind of work you intend to pursue. These requirements form minimum guidelines. Do not be too quick to limit your opportunities.
    5. Discuss course selections you have chosen with your parents.
    6. Schedule a guidance counselor conference, where the counselor will discuss your course preferences and recommend selections based on school and graduation requirements along with your goals and abilities.
    7. No change in student subject selections will be made after a signed course selection sheet is returned without the permission of the principal. The school will address schedule changes on an individual basis. No change in course selections will ordinarily be made after the announced August deadline.

    Graduation Requirements

    Holy Cross High School requires students to complete twenty-six (26) credits to be awarded an Academic Diploma upon graduation. Of the twenty-six credits, students must carry a course load of at least seven (7) credits per school year. Holy Cross High School requires students to pass a completed course in Theology for each year in attendance. Students not completing the minimum 26 credits and/or not carrying a course load of seven credits per school year will not be eligible for any academic honors, including being designated class valedictorian or salutatorian.

    Each student must pass as a minimum:
    Course Title and Credits
    Theology: 4 Credits
    English: 4 Credits
    Mathematics: 4 Credits
    Science: 4 Credits
    Social Studies: 4 Credits
    Arts/Humanities: 2 Credits
    Health/Physical Education: 1 Credit
    Electives: 3 Credits